Your Guide to Immigration Bail Bonds in Dallas

July 17, 2018

Action Immigration

Did you get arrested recently? The first processes are always difficult.

You're waiting for your court date, enduring countless meetings with your employer, and are worried about your sentencing. To avoid all of this, many people use bail bonds to pay off their bail and prevent sentencing.

If you were arrested on illegal immigration charges, you may think all hope is lost.

But even in the face of strict illegal immigration laws, there are options. You do risk facing deportation, but taking an immigration bond will ensure you won't stay in police custody.

If you're in Dallas, there are plenty of immigration bond options.

What Are Bail Bonds?

The easiest bail bond definition is a surety of your freedom before you appear in court. Before your trial, you won't be held in police custody. You can either gain an immigration bond for yourself or someone else can get the bond for you.

But how does an immigration bail bond ensure you get out of jail? A "bail" is a monetary exchange between you and the court. This monetary exchange tells the judge you will appear in court and they release you.

What Are Immigration Bail Bonds?

Immigration bonds work similarly to normal bail bonds -- you or someone else provides a bond so you're not held in police custody. Even when facing deportation, you must attend your trial.

If someone else pays your bond, they must be a legal United States resident.

There are factors that determine the amount you're paid. This includes your past criminal history, other immigration violations, and any family or employment ties in the United States.

Types of Immigration Bonds

As you can tell, immigration is a little more complex than other types of charges. The legal process of immigration itself is difficult, and the illegal charging process is even more daunting.

There are two main types of immigration bonds:

  • Delivery Bond -- this is a bond that allows you stay in the United States until your trial. The only way you can qualify for this bond is if you have no other criminal record in the United States.
  • Voluntary Departure Bond -- Rather than stay in police custody waiting for your trial, this bond states you consent to deportation.

This isn't the desired outcome but the process is easy. However, there's a strict date you need to leave -- if you don't leave, you won't get reimbursed.

Time to Get an Immigration Bail Bond in Dallas

An immigration arrest is never fun. But while you're arrested, you don't have to stay in police captivity. Immigration bail bonds Dallas can ensure you're out of detention before your trial.

But immigration bonds are more complex than average bonds. You choose between staying in the United States in hopes you can gain citizenship or you accept deportation.

These options depend on various factors, such as past charges, ties to the country and the cost.

Are you unable to afford your bail? If you're in Dallas and need an immigration bail bond for a loved one, contact us.

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