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  • "It seemed scary at first but with your kind reassuring attitude and your genuine willingness to help made it really easy. My husband was released the same day."

    Camelita A. Miami, FL

  • "Action was more knowlegable than the facility. I am truly greatful for your prompt attention enabling our family to get back to our lives."

    Daniel V. Los Angeles, CA

  • "Action was a really big help, our son was home within 8 hours, I was truly amazed! Thank you very much Action Immigration Bonds!"

    Leigh G. Houston, TX

  • Dear Rick, It would be very difficult to accurately convey how I felt on Friday afternoon when Lena called to inform me that Debbie was to be released; emotionally overwhelming to say the least. Later that evening I spoke with my daughter who was at the Tacoma Greyhound bus station, on her way home, and the stress in her voice was much lower than it had been. Given the obstacles that cropped up as you tried to process the application the fact that this did occur on Friday is in no small part due to your efforts. In response I have Written a review on BBB regarding my satisfaction with your outstanding service. Asked my daughter to inform the lawyer who represented her, from Northwest Immigration Rights, to add the name of your company to the list they supply to detainees; and put it at the top! It is difficult to adequately express how disturbing these situations are for the family and your guidance and understanding brought both calm and results. On behalf of my family – thank you.

    H. David T. Tacoma, WA

  • Just wanted to thank you and your colleges for your good work on bailing out my wife. I found you guys on the internet and had reservations about this whole process, with it being much more complicated than a regular bail bond. Your company does know what they are doing and your insurance company is properly liscensed to perform Immigration bonds as referenced on the Dept. of Justice's list of certified surety companies. Everyone was quick to take my calls, answer my questions and respond to my emails. Just wanted to say thanks and hope that everything concludes happily for me and my family.

    Chris K. Miami, FL

  • I'm sorry it has taken so long to write to you, but life has been very hectic since we last spoke. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your help and support during the time I was going through the process of obtaining an Immigration Bond. This was all new to me and as you know, it was also very stressful for me. But you were very patient with me, and guided me through all the steps of the process to a successful conclusion. No matter how many times I called you, you always took the time to help me and I never felt rushed or pressured. I'm sure you give this wonderful service to all your clients and I hope they appreciate you as much as I do. I hope to never have the need for this type of service again, but I will never forget your kindness and empathy. Many, many "Thanks" and "Good Luck" to you in all you do.

    Bettye S. Pasadena, MD

  • Hey Thanks for the really, really helping me there. You went the extra mile there, without question that's quality service and that's hard to get these days. This was my first time doing this and searched the web and guys were helpful in every way. Again, I would like to thank you and your staff for quickly handling my situation. You guys are the best in the business and please anyone that is reading this do not hesitate to call "Action Bail Bonds". Thanks again.

    Jorge H. Miami, FL

  • My name is Rigma from Phoenix Arizona. I will like to tell you about my experience with the Action Bond and how good you are. This is was my first time I found my self in this situation with my husband. I call all different bail agencies and the first I call was BOND YES and I have very bad experience with them. After so many days I lost hope and I look at the 7 years old boy we have thinking how to tell him his father is not coming home. Are immigration attorney send me email with info about the Action Bond and I decide to call you. My husband was out in less then 24 hours and all team was great. The Action Bond works with me and I will recommend you guys to anyone. I also give all info to my immigration attorney and tell him to give you phone number to his entire client. I have to send special thanks to Action you guys rock. Thank you all and I wish you best.

    Rigma S. Phoenix, AZ

  • I would like to take the opportunity to share my experience with others as to the way my situation was handled by ACTION Immigration Bail Bonds. Recently a friend faced serious charges of deportation to Sweden, after being in the United States for over twenty years as a responsible person contributing both personally and financially to our community. He was being held in a Federal Facility operated by ICE and was to be held for over one month before his case could be heard before a Judge. With ACTION's help and their professional staff, I was able to get my friend released within a 24 hour period of engaging their services.This was an area that I had absolutely no knowledge whatsoever, as growing grapes is an area that I am much more conversant. I am happy to recommend ACTION to others based on my personal experience.

    Jeff H. Houston, TX

  • Dear Judy:
    It was great working with you and your company last week on my client's immigration bond. You made a very difficult situation easy for everyone concerned. I want you to know that my client's wife actually complimented one of your employees - Miris - for her patience in guiding her through the document process. I want you to know that I will recommend your company to all of my clients from now on. Thank you for all of your help.

    Mr. Carlos J. Rodriguez, Esq. Phoenix, AZ

  • Dear Edward:
    Just a note to thank you for the wonderful job your office did in regards to my client Theresa Lopez last week. Everyone you dealt with on this matter has told me that your office was very nice and professional. I was particularly impressed with the speed in which you were able to post the bond and obtain her release - the same day! You guys are the best.

    Ms. Jasmine Witherspoon-Lockhart, Esq. Columbia, SC

  • Dear Mr. Prager:
    Thank you for helping me with my husband bail. You work so fast! My mother says hello and thanks you, too. Erik is working now with work permit and we hope to have this case finished soon. Thank you very much for everything.

    Leticia K. Los Angeles, CA

  • In August 2006, my husband was detained by immigration for not having the proper paperwork on file. Even if we had the cash to bond him out, there was no one within immigration to contact and post the bond. I was confused and frustrated and then I contacted Action Immigration Bonds. They were amazing! I was so desperate to get my husband out of his situation and they helped me through the entire process, which ended up being quite simple. Once they received the paperwork, he was moved and released immediately! I can't tell you how happy I was to go pick him up and have him back at home. I think about that day often. Action Immigration Bonds employees were personable, professional, caring, and understanding. I still can't believe they were able to move things along so quickly when on my own, I couldn't even find any immigration folks to talk to. I would recommend their services to anyone who is trying to get a loved one out of detainment.

    Kimberly G. Madison, WI

  • Dear Edward:
    Just a note to thank you for the wonderful job your office did in regards to my client Theresa Lopez last week. Everyone you dealt with on this matter has told me that your office was very nice and professional. I was particularly impressed with the speed in which you were able to post the bond and obtain her release - the same day! You guys are the best.

    Mr. Kwon Hung Lo, Esq Grand Rapids, MI

  • Dear Action:
    I am an attorney practicing immigration law in Central Florida, concentrating my practice on finding relief from deportation and removal of immigrants I have been a client of Action Bail Bonds for many years, and have always found them to provide excellent and timely service. They know what they are doing, and get the job done! Fast! And correctly, with a minimum of paperwork! And that's important if you're about to be deported! I am happy to see their new website, which will greatly improve accessibility. I recommend Action Bail Bonds to anybody!

    B. John Ovink, Esq. Tampa, FL

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