Released From Detention: How to Pay Immigration Bail Bonds

August 02, 2022

Action Immigration

Immigrants aren't being welcomed in America. More than 25,000 immigrants are in ICE detention centers throughout the United States. Two-thirds of detainees have no criminal record, yet many of them spend weeks or months in jail. 

Immigration bail bonds are your best resource to keep your loved one out of ICE detention. Yet the government doesn't make it easy on you. If you want to use bail bonds effectively, you have to research how to pay them on your own. 

How do bail bonds work? When should you pay, and to whom should you send your money? What are your different payment options, and can you get help with paying the bond?

Answer these questions and you can help your loved one avoid ICE's clutches. Here is your quick guide.

Understand What and When You Need to Pay

An ICE immigration officer can determine whether an immigrant qualifies for an immigration bond. If an ICE officer elects to allow your loved one to go out on a bond, you should pay the bond within a week. You can get a document about the bond amount and how to pay an immigration bond, but you probably need to send money to your local ICE office.

An immigration officer may determine that your loved one does not qualify for a bond. Your loved one can request to have an immigration bond hearing in front of an immigration judge.

If they think your loved one is not a flight risk, they will likely grant a bond. You can attend this hearing and learn about how much you need to pay. The judge may set a deadline for the payment, and you should consider posting bail as soon as possible.

Immigrants who are suspected of or charged with criminal offenses can qualify for a bond. However, the bond amount may be extremely high. You can ask others for help with covering the cost.

Examine Your Payment Options 

You have a few payment options for any immigration bond. Cash bail is the most common type. You can withdraw money from the bank or send a check to the federal government.

If you or your loved one owns expensive property, you may qualify for a property bond. The value of the property must be equal to or exceed the bond amount. You may need to hand the property over to the government, so you would not be able to use a car until the court proceedings begin. 

If you're confused about your bond options, talk to the judge. You can also talk to an expert on bonds about further steps you can take.

Pay Immigration Bail Bonds the Right Way

Immigration bail bonds are more complicated than they should be. An officer or a judge can determine whether your loved one qualifies for bail and how much the bail should be. 

You can offer money and property, and you can pool resources with your loved ones. The money will need to go to an ICE office. Follow the instructions of the officer or judge so you know what to do. 

If you need help, you should turn to immigration bond professionals. Action Immigration Bonds and Insurance Services serves the Fort Lauderdale area. Read about our services today.

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