Immigration Bond Requirements: Am I Eligible for a Bond?

September 12, 2023

Action Immigration

Since September of 2023, immigration judges have issued removal and voluntary departure orders in almost 40% of completed cases, totaling more than 244,000 deportation orders.

If someone you know is in danger of being deported, you can get them out of ICE custody until their bond hearing. This will give them a chance to gather evidence and prove why they should stay in the country.

First, you need to make sure you meet immigration bond requirements. Keep reading to learn what they are.

Immigration Bond Requirements

To be eligible for an immigration bond, U.S. immigrants have to demonstrate they pose no danger to the community and are not a flight risk.

When making a bond determination, ICE might consider someone's family and length of time in the country.

Not everyone held in ICE custody will be released on bond. Those deemed eligible are required to pay a set amount of money to be released from custody.

A surety bond is an option for immigrants as well. This bond requires someone to find a third party to guarantee payment if the individual doesn't show up for their court date.

Requirements for Posting Bond

If your friend or family member has been detained by immigration authorities, immigration bonds can help them get released from custody. To post bond, certain requirements have to be met.

First, the co-signer of the bond has to be a legal resident or a U.S. citizen. This person is responsible for ensuring that the bond amount gets paid if the person who gets out of custody doesn't show up on their court date.

A co-signer has to put up collateral to be used against the bond amount. Generally, these are the types of collateral accepted by an immigration bond agent:

  • Real property
  • Credit card
  • Cash
  • Letter of credit from your bank

About 91% of immigration bonds issued each year are secured by cash. If a co-signer does not meet these requirements, it will be difficult to post bond.

After the Bond Is Posted

What's next in the immigration bond process once a bond is posted? The detainee gets released from custody until their bond hearing. They are free during this time but might have to follow certain restrictions.

For example, the ICE office might require the detainee to check in with an officer regularly. They also won't be able to leave the country.

These conditions ensure that the detainee will make it to court and not pose a danger to society. At the court hearing, the detainee will present their case and argue for why they should stay in the United States.

The detainee has to leave the country within a certain period if the judge decides that they need to be deported.

Get Your Loved One Out of Custody

If your loved one has been detained by ICE, you can get them out of custody with an immigration bond. But you need to know and meet the immigration bond requirements.

At Action Immigration Bonds & Insurance Services Inc., we have a team of professionals who can assess your situation and help you out. Don't wait any longer to get your person out of custody. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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