Immigration Bail Bonds: What Happens if Someone Doesn't Show

April 04, 2023

Action Immigration

Imagine you are visiting or living in the United States as a foreign national. One day, you get in trouble for something and the next thing you know, you find yourself in a detention center. 

Unfortunately, this happens all too commonly in the United States. Bail from these detention centers is not cheap either. They can cost as much as $250,000

If you or a loved one are a foreign national that needs financial help for getting out of a detention center, you need immigration bail bonds. 

What is this? What happens if you do not show up to immigration hearings? 

This guide will answer those questions and more. 

What Are Immigration Bail Bonds?

Immigration bail bonds are given out specifically to foreign nationals that are in detention centers. However, since they are not lawful citizens of the United States, they will need someone that is a permanent resident to do that for them. 

How these work is that instead of someone waiting in a detention center for their hearing, they have the option to wait at home. The bail bond ensures the courts that the person leaving the detention center will still show up for their court hearings. 

This insurance is done by posting a bail worth thousands of dollars. The exact amount depends on how severe the accused crime is, their criminal record, flight risk level, and more. 

Once someone gets a bail bond, they will leave the detention center and are required to show back up for court at a certain date. However, the issue that comes up sometimes is someone fleeing after they make bail. 

Immigration Bond Default 

When a foreign national fails to show up to court, this becomes an immigration bond default. That means that money put up for their bail bond is forfeited to the state. 

So, if a loved one put up a few thousand dollars or even something more valuable such as a car or a house as collateral, they would lose that because the foreign national failed to come back for court. 

When this happens, the court will put out a warrant for that person's arrest. Their punishment will be more severe than before if they are found. 

The court and/or the bail bondsman may even hire a bounty hunter to try to track the foreign national down. 

Get Your Immigration Bail Bond 

These are some of the consequences that you and your loved ones face with immigration bail bonds if you fail to show up to court.

You risk getting a more severe punishment than before and you risk forfeiting any assets that you put up as collateral. For some people, these can be valuable assets such as a car or a home. 

If you do get a bail bond, follow the laws and show up to your court appearances. 

Do you need an immigration bail bond? Book a free consultation here to learn more. 

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