ICE Detention Facilities in Florida: Information and Contact Details

October 25, 2023

It is an uncertain time for immigrants in the state of Florida. Of the state's nearly 5 million foreign-born residents, roughly 825,000 lack permanent legal status.

Thanks to a harsh new law signed by Governor Ron DeSantis, immigrants live in fear. They exercise caution driving around the state or shopping for groceries.

It is not uncommon for these Florida residents to end up at an ICE detention facility. Read on to learn all about ICE detention facilities in Florida. Explore topics such as how to use an ICE detention locator and what an immigration bond is.

Where Are the ICE Detention Centers in Florida?

An ICE detention locator can help you find facilities in the state. There are four ICE facilities in Florida. Three of the four facilities are on the state's east coast.

The Baker County facility sits outside of Jacksonville in the northeast portion of the state. The Krome North Service Processing Center is the furthest south in Miami. Pompano Beach hosts the Broward Transitional Center.

Lastly, there is an ICE detention center in Glades County. This facility is in Moore Haven in Central Florida, located between Fort Myers and Palm Beach.

Each facility has a main office phone number. There are visitation hours listed on the ICE website if a loved one is residing in one of these facilities.

How Can You Search for an Inmate?

You can perform an ICE detention inmate search online. This tool allows you to search in multiple languages, including Spanish, French, Portuguese, and more.

The best way to search is with a 9-digit A-number. If you search using this number, you must also identify the detainee's country of birth.

If you do not have an A-number, there is another way to search. This second option allows you to search by first and last name. You still must identify the detainee's country of birth.

What Is an Immigration Bond?

An immigration bond is your tool to free a loved one from immigration detention facilities. After an immigrant is processed and booked into an ICE detention center, there is an opportunity to post bond.

A deportation officer or immigration judge sets the bond amount. Action Bail, also called the obligor, helps you post the bond amount.

This bond represents a contractual agreement between the three parties. The obligor can guarantee that the released detainee will appear in court for an immigration hearing.

The defendant is the party posting bond. The Department of Homeland Security represents the final party and adjudicates the legal filing.

Your Guide to ICE Detention Facilities in Florida

You are now ready to track down a detainee in a Florida ICE facility. Online tools allow you to search for detainees using an A-number or biographical information.

Once you track down a loved one in ICE custody, you can start the process of securing their release. Action Bail provides expertise on immigration hearings and posting bail. If you are searching for ICE detention facilities, contact us at Action Bail today to speak with a professional.

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