What Is the Average Cost of an Immigration Bond?

December 02, 2019

Action Immigration

In April of 2019, it was reported that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were holding onto $204 million worth of immigration bond money.

This huge sum reflects the painful struggle of thousands of families who have paid for the release of their loved ones. While the numbers involved may seem daunting, payment of an immigration bond may be the only way to secure the release of someone who has been detained by ICE.

This article details the expenses involved in bail bonds for immigration. If you have a loved one in ICE custody, read on to learn about the costs you are likely to face.

Types of Immigration Bond

There are two main types of immigration bond.

The first of these is the delivery bond. This bond is designed to ensure that the person will appear at all immigration hearings. Once it is paid, they can leave custody to spend time with their family and consult with legal counsel.

The second type is the voluntary departure bond. As the name suggests, the repayment of the bond is contingent on the person voluntarily leaving the country. Once this has happened, the bond is usually repaid.

The Cost of an Immigration Bond

The minimum delivery bond price is $1,500. However, there are many factors which may cause this to increase.

ICE will look at the length of time that the person has lived in the US, as well as the extent of the family ties they have there.

They will also consider any history of offending the individual may have. This will include criminal offences and previous immigration offences.

They may also examine employment history.

If these factors combine negatively, delivery bonds can cost as much as $10,000.

Because they are simpler by nature, departure bonds usually cost only $500.

Will I Get My Money Back?

While immigration bond costs are high, it is much easier for families to put the necessary funds together when they know for sure that their money will be returned.

The good news is that all those who pay immigration bonds (known as obligors) are entitled to the return of the full amount of the bond once court proceedings have finished.

The bad news is that it can take as much as a year, and even longer, for this procedure to be entirely completed. As well as this, if ICE judge that some condition of the bond has been breached (a missed hearing, for example) they may withhold the money from the obligor.

For more details on how to secure the return of an immigration bond payment, see the guide here.

My Family Member Has Been Detained by ICE: What Do I Do?

While this is a horrible situation to find yourself in, it is important to remain calm.

Comply with the agency's instructions, follow the advice of your counsel, and trust the process.

If you are in need of specialist help with an immigration bond, contact us for a free consultation.

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