What Is an ICE Raid? How to Protect Your Rights

September 27, 2023

Action Immigration

It can be a very unsettling moment when a friend or family member faces an immigration raid. You need to know what this is to understand what to do next and to ensure their safety.

What is an ICE raid, and what should you do in response? This article dives into these questions and offers answers so you can get the best help possible. Before you finish reading, you should know who to call to stand the best chance of removing your friend or family member from an ICE lockup.

What Is an ICE Raid?

This is a targeted, legal operation that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) performs. The intent is to find and arrest those they believe are in violation of immigration laws.

ICE agents can perform such a raid on homes, workplaces, or even general public spaces. They usually involve large numbers of agents and usually occur with no warning.

Such agents usually rely on a lack of knowledge on the part of those they target. They may not, for example, have an appropriate warrant, or they may expect people to waive their right to remain silent.

Immediate Steps After a Raid

If people you know are the target of home or workplace raids, remain calm. Instead of running straight to help and having your own ICE encounter, you should contact a trusted immigration lawyer. They can discuss your options and let you know your next steps.

Make sure you gather all important documents related to any incarcerated person and make copies. Place them all in safe locations, as these will be useful for any legal steps you must take later. Also, educate your family on how to talk to ICE agents, using the advice the lawyer has given you if possible.

Immigration Bond Requirements

Your immigration rights include the right to request a bond. This is a written agreement that the incarcerated individual will perform a specific act, such as appearing in court later.

To be eligible, someone must not be a threat to the public and cannot have committed certain criminal offenses. The cost for this bond is usually around $1,500, though this can go up and down for several reasons.

Where and How to Pay Immigration Bonds

Since April 2023, ICE has provided an online payment system for bonds. This allows you to handle the whole process via a digital portal and receive documentation via your email address.

You can still contact ICE, and they may allow in-person payment appointments on a case-by-case basis. If so, this requires a cashier's check or money order made out to the Department of Homeland Security. You will also need to book an appointment with a local ICE office to handle the payment. 

Partnering With a Legal Immigration Expert

Are you wondering, "What is an ICE raid?" If so, know you are not alone.

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