What Happens Next? What to Do If an ICE Immigrant Agent Detains You

December 18, 2019

Action Immigration

Under the current administration, the situation at the US-Mexico border is more chaotic than ever. The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) is detaining a record number of immigrants. To make matters worse, they are holding immigrants longer than ever before.

This year, the number of days that an immigrant spent in custody surged from 28 to 46. Unfortunately, statistics like these are causing fear and panic inside the immigrant community.

The fact remains that immigrants are entitled to rights under U.S. law. Read on to learn what you should do if an immigration agent detains you or a family member. Explore important topics such as warrants and legal rights for immigrants.

Does ICE Need a Warrant?

While some may try to deny your legal rights, the government absolutely requires a warrant to detain you. It is important to understand the process of securing a warrant.

ICE requires a court warrant to enter your home. A government agent from ICE or the Department of Homeland Security cannot sign a warrant. A valid warrant signature can only come from a judge.

This means that you should not open your door until ICE presents a signed warrant. Ask the immigration agent to slide the warrant under the door before opening.

Track Down a Loved One

It is quite a traumatic experience when a loved one is detained by ICE. In the unfortunate event that this happens, you must act quickly to track down the detainee.

ICE has a website that you can use to locate a loved one. The ICE database catalogs detainees using their name, date of birth, and country of origin.

If your loved one is under 18 years old, another tactic will be necessary. ICE does not publish location information for minors. For these situations, you will need to contact the nearest ICE field office for assistance.

Communication issues with ICE are certainly possible. Some people report that ICE agents are difficult to talk with and not forthcoming with information. These situations demand the assistance of an immigration lawyer.

Post an Immigration Bond

There is a chance that ICE has a valid warrant and detains you or a family member. To secure your release, you need to seek an immigration bond.

Within the first 48 hours, ICE will investigate the detainee. After its conclusion, ICE will set a bond amount.

Posting bond allows the detainee to be released and serves as an incentive to appear in court. If the immigrant follows through on their legal obligations, the bond amount is returned.

Every detainee is legally entitled to a bond hearing before an immigration judge. This is the detainee’s opportunity to contest eligibility or the bond amount.

Follow These Steps If an ICE Immigration Agent Detains You

Detention is a traumatic experience for all people involved. Despite the pressure of the situation, it is imperative to keep your cool.

Focus on the knowledge you have acquired and secure your release via an immigration bond. If you have questions about what to do if an ICE immigration agent detains you, contact us today for help posting bond.

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