The Main Reasons Why Someone Is Sent to an Immigration Center

June 23, 2021

Action Immigration

Every day, a person in this country gets detained and sent to an immigration center. But why are immigrants detained, and what are the reasons for immigrant detention?

Although the United States is the land of the free, moving here comes with certain legal requirements. If those requirements aren't followed, then a person could find themselves detained and possibly deported. Detainment serves to keep track of an individual before officials make a decision. 

Here are some of the main reasons why an immigrant might find themselves on the wrong side of the law. 

Expired Visa or Status

The main excuse used against a person in trouble is that they've deliberately overstayed their welcome illegally. Unless they have a green card, an immigrant must follow the strict rules and timeline associated with their current visa.

For example, a student must acquire a student visa to study in the United States. They need enough financial support and enroll as a full-time student. However, they must leave the country within 60 days after completion of their program unless they've extended their stay with another visa. 

If you stay longer than your visa allows, you may not be allowed back into the U.S. in the future. It could be a temporary ban or a permanent ban depending on how long you've overstayed your welcome. 

Criminal Activity

One of the basic requirements for any person in the United States is that you follow the law, and immigrants are no exception. If a person on a visa commits a crime or ends up in some kind of legal trouble, that would be more than enough reason to get detained. 

Even something like a DUI can result in automatic visa revocation. 

Unauthorized Entry

Although the border keeps immigrants without documentation out of the country, there are cases when people manage to get through. Unauthorized entry in the country can land people in an immigration center for up to 72 hours. 

Unfortunately, immigration detention center conditions have been reportedly not up to standards dictated by law. Some children have also been held much longer than the legal limit. Make sure to know your rights when dealing with border patrol.

Obtaining Public Financial Assistance

Most visas for immigrants require that they be self-sufficient or have arranged for financial coverage in advance. In other words, if they can't afford their arrangements alone, then they need someone helping them. 

Someone on a visa cannot become dependent on government benefits. If they're using a student visa, they aren't eligible for federal student aid. 

If you or someone you know applies for public financial help, it could bring some unwanted attention and visa revocation.

Avoid the Immigration Center

No one wants to hear that a friend or loved one has been sent to an immigration center. However, it helps to know why they were sent there in the first place. 

If you believe they were detained for the wrong reasons, then the first step is to get some help. Contact us and we can assign you a licensed bail agent who can pay the immigration bond

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