Navigating Immigration: Your Guide to Bonds for Immigration in Florida

August 29, 2023

Action Immigration

Standing alone in an immigration detention center can make you feel utterly powerless. It is important to secure the release of a loved one as fast as possible, and understanding bonds for immigration is your tool for just that. Though what is this, and how can it help?

Below, we list the details of the steps you should take to ensure you get people out of bondage and back into the arms of those who care for them. We also offer information on how to seek professional aid moving forward.

What Are Bonds for Immigration?

Bonds are a form of written agreement that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) uses. They allow a detained person to go free for a period so long as they return for a court appearance or other important processes.

The immigration agency will often demand payment to release someone on bond. This is usually around $1,500, though could be higher if the detailed individual is more likely to escape, thus will take more resources to track down.

Immigration Bond Requirements

To be eligible for immigration bond proceedings, a person must have a clean criminal record and a low likelihood of escaping. While in Florida, ICE has the discretion to grant bonds, if they refuse, you can petition the courts to allow for such a release. Should this occur, you can seek out the services of a Florida law professional to help you with this issue.

If you wish to secure an immigration bond, you should try to do so as fast as possible for the well-being of the detainee. Once you secure their release, they will also have more time to prepare for their immigration case and spend more time with friends or family.

How and Where to Pay Immigration Bond

As of April 2023, ICE prefers people to use an online service to post bonds. The CeBONDS online portal can offer you a digital record of any bond payment, which is useful for documentation purposes.

Despite this, you can still contact an immigration bond office if you wish to post a bond in person. Several ICE offices exist across Florida that you can use to make such payments after you book an appointment in advance.

If you do this in person, understand that you can only use cashier's checks or postal money orders. You need to make these out to the "Department of Homeland Security".

Should you visit the location, bring along a social security card and a valid photo ID. This will allow them to process your payment faster.

Regardless of your method, understand that you will need to pay the bond in full before a release can occur. So, make sure you have all the funds available before you start this process.

Expert Help With Immigration Bonds

Immigration proceedings can be a complex situation, and getting someone's freedom can often feel like a mess of rights and laws. Firms like Action Immigration Bonds & Insurance Services can help you in such situations and get you the results you need.

We have professionals who can talk to you about what you need to do to get your loved one free and secure bonds for immigration. So, schedule a consultation today and learn more about what we can do for you.

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