Leaving ICE Detention Centers: How to Help a Loved One Leave

July 19, 2022

Action Immigration

Did you know that 66.3% of detainees in ICE detention centers have no criminal record? With no prior record, it's easier to help a loved one get released from ICE's custody.

If you aren't familiar with this process, this guide can help. Keep reading to learn what steps you should take to help your loved one out of a detention center.

Learning a Loved One Is a Detainee

When you first learn about a loved one getting detained in one of many ICE detention centers, you can find their location using the ICE detainee locator website.

It's helpful to have the person's Alien Number (A-number or A#) to look up their location. You can find this number on a work permit, green card, or deportation-related correspondence from immigration authorities.

If they were recently detained, the website might not have updates. The system won't provide details about people under the age of 18. If you run into this roadblock, contact ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO).

Speaking to an ICE Detention Officer

When you speak to a detention officer, be careful about what you reveal. Don't say anything about a loved one's immigration status or country of citizenship because anything can be used as evidence.

ICE officers are required to follow national detention standards to keep detainees safe. If you have important information about a loved one's medical condition, bring this to their attention.

If an ICE officer refuses to speak with you, it's best to hire an immigration attorney that can help you with legal representation.

Act quickly when you find out a loved one has been detained, especially if they were previously deported from the United States or if they have an outstanding removal order.

Releasing a Detainee

To help a loved one get released from a detention center, find out if ICE has set a bond. Bail bonds refer to amounts of money paid to ICE to guarantee that the detainee is present for all of their court dates.

If the detainee shows up to future hearings and follows the judge's orders, the money will get returned. The money gets forfeited if the detainee doesn't follow these orders.

Some detainees aren't eligible for bond and have to remain in the detention facility until a judge decides if they should be deported. The legal process continues when a bond is issued and the detainee gets released.

If you believe the bond amount is too high or if the detainee should be eligible for a bond, you can request a bond hearing. Detainees have the right to this type of hearing.

You don't need to wait for the first court date for the judge to decide on a bond. Ask the courts to schedule this hearing as soon as possible.

ICE Detention Centers: Get Your Loved Ones Out

Learning how to get your loved ones out of ICE detention centers doesn't have to be a complex process. Using an immigration bail bond will help you release them faster.

We work 24/7 to help families reunite with their loved ones. Schedule a free consultation with a bond agent now.

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