Everything You Need to Know About Immigration and Customs Enforcement

February 22, 2022

Action Immigration

Immigration law and customs enforcement are hard to understand. Many may not understand the exact rules and regulations surrounding organizations like ICE. However, those rules and regulations can have a tremendous impact on their lives.

Without knowing immigration law, you can accidentally sign away a loved one and allow them to get deported. Keep reading below to learn more about the laws surrounding immigration, and what to do if you need help.

What is The Purpose of Customs Enforcement?

Immigration and customs enforcement is a branch of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. It performs many different kinds of operations, such as border and removal missions. A lot of their work also overlaps with local law enforcement organizations.

For example, they may work with drug enforcement officers to prevent trafficking at the border. However, their most impactful missions involve finding undocumented immigrants. When they find someone without the correct documents, they may end up removing them from the country.

It can dramatically change a family, causing them to make long-lasting decisions about whether to stay or leave with the person. There are ways to keep someone in the country even after ICe takes them away. For example, immigration bonds can help people return to their families.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Follow Special Laws

When immigration enforcement arrests someone, they are usually held for a while in prison. During this time, law enforcement officials may prepare a case for a judge. Without immigration bond services, the person may spend weeks in a holding cell, awaiting trial.

But if a judge decides the person is not a risk to the community, they may give them a bond. The family can then pay the bond through a service and bring the person back home. From there, they can start working on a case to keep the person in the country while also allowing them to spend time with loved ones.

However, it is important to remember that ICE may hold a person for two days even after their bail is posted.

What Should You Do if U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Arrest a Loved One?

Before ICE officials ever detain anybody, families should have a plan in place. They should know their rights as immigrants and know how to stay in touch in case. Family members should also know how to make sure their loved ones are safe if they are taken out of the country.

Families should also immediately reach out to attorneys to help them protect their loved ones. Immigration law can be complicated, and immigrants may not be familiar enough with it to navigate the courts. However, an attorney will help them.

Immigration Laws Can Change A Person's Life

When President Joe Biden was elected, immigration laws and customs enforcement immediately changed. Immigrants and their families immediately got more freedom to enjoy life in the country. They were made more welcome in the U.S.

Before that though, ICE's resources grew and its mission expanded. Families across the country and the world are still reeling from its effects. And if you need help after a loved one has a run-in with the agency, just reach out to us here.

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