5 Questions to Ask an Immigration Bail Bondsmen

April 05, 2022

Action Immigration

Every year, up to half a million people entering the U.S. illegally are detained after being captured.

These non-citizens face fines, imprisonment, and deportation as a result of trying to or entering the U.S. at any time or at a place other than a designated entry point under the United States Immigration code. 

Do you have a loved one who has been detained? Do you need some assistance getting them out of jail? The first step is to ask the right immigration questions to your bail bondsmen. Keep reading to learn five of them here.

1. Who Is Eligible for a Bond?

If this question is not in the immigration bond FAQ section, it should be. Bond eligibility is not a given. Not everyone qualifies for an immigration bond. 

Examples of people who may not be eligible include:

  • those who already lost their immigration case 
  • those who were apprehended at a port of entry 
  • those involved in criminal convictions or terrorist activities

If someone has a criminal conviction on their record but hasn't received a charge by ICE, they can request a bond hearing. An undocumented immigrant who hasn't done anything to be in mandatory detention is also eligible for an immigration bond. 

2. What is an Immigration Bond? 

Is your loved one in a detention center? You'll need an immigration bond to get them out. The amount of money you'll need is set by ICE or an immigration judge. They'll be released once the total bond amount is paid. 

The money is meant to guarantee future attendance at the bond hearing and adherence to the court's orders. 

3. Types of Bonds? 

There are three main types of bonds and you should explore each option so you know which one applies. 

Delivery Bond

This one is similar to a regular bail bond for a criminal act. It ensures appearance at all future court hearings following release. It also ensures that the person will obey a deportation order if received. 

Voluntary Departure Bond

If agreeable to leaving the US at their own expense, the person may be eligible for a voluntary departure bond. This bond is paid to ICE and receive a refund after departure to the home country. 

Order of Supervision Bond 

This bond allows the person to live and work in the US during the ongoing case. There are conditions set by the ICE representative that must be followed.

4. How Do You Request a Bond Hearing? 

At the first hearing, the detainee can ask the judge for a bond hearing ASAP. The other option is to write the judge a bond hearing request letter.

5. What is the Cost? 

The price for immigration bonds can range from $500 to $50,000 depending on things like criminal history, status, family, and employment situation. 


Getting The Info You Need From Bail Bondsmen

Now that you know the questions to ask bail bondsmen, you'll feel more optimistic about the situation of your detained loved one. Getting the financial assistance to make bail allows the person to wait for immigration proceedings outside of federal custody. 

Do you know someone who is being detained by ICE? Do you need assistance with immigration bonds? Visit our site and schedule a consultation with us. Our immigration bondsmen will help you through the immigration bond process. 


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