Understanding Immigration Bond Eligibility: Who Is and Isn't Eligible?

March 18, 2020

Action Immigration

Do you know someone who was detained by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)? Has your sibling or spouse found themselves in a situation where they might be deported?

Did the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) show up at your house and take away an elderly relative? You need to check immigration bond eligibility requirements.

You also need to know the different types of immigration bonds, parameters, and options. Know the facts and be prepared.

What Is an Immigration Bond?

An Immigration Bond is a set amount of money determined by an immigration judge or Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

It needs to be paid in full before the detainee is granted leave. It's put in place to make sure the detainee appears at the removal proceeding.

Four Types of Immigration Bonds

Delivery Bond

A Delivery Bond is a bond conditioned for the delivery of an alien. This makes sure the detainee complies with a deportation order. It's the most common type of bond.

Public Safety Bond

A Public Safety Bond ensures the government gets its money back if the alien becomes a public charge or gets any assistance from the public. 

Voluntary Departure Bond

This type of bond is given to a detainee to ensure they return to their country following the terms and conditions of the court.

Order of Supervision Bond

This bond makes sure that the person fully follows and performs all conditions of the order of supervision. It also ensures they surrender for removal.

Immigration Bond Eligibility

There are several reasons you might not be eligible for an immigration bond. The most common reasons are if you were detained at an airport, US/Mexico border, US/Canada border, or any American beaches.

You can apply for "parole" if that's the case that needs to be granted by the immigration authority. If you have any conviction that falls into the moral turpitude category.

If you have any drug possession of firearm-related convictions. If you have any kind of aggravated felony conviction.

If you were given more than a year in jail for burglary, theft, documentation fraud, obstruction of justice, or any violent crime against another person.

These are not the only crimes that could make you ineligible they're just the more common ones. The best way to find out is to request a hearing with an immigration judge.

Immigration Bond Requirements

There are two different ways you can be eligible for an immigration bond. If ICE doesn't set a bond for you then you can request an immigration bond hearing. If the judge determines that you're eligible an amount will be set for your bond.

The other way is if an ICE officer decides that you are eligible he or she can set the bond amount. If that's the case you need to pay the bond within a week.

How to Pay It?

Call your local ICE office and see where they take bond payments. Schedule an appointment to pay it. Bonds can't be paid with cash or check. The person paying the bond must be a legal US citizen.

Get a cashier's check and make it out to the Department of Homeland Security. Bring your photo ID and social security card. After the bond is paid, the detainee should be released in about an hour.

You can go to the detention center to pick them up. After they're released, you should seek legal help for the case.

Take Action

Now you know what to do if you're in need of an immigration bond. You know the requirements for immigration bond eligibility and how to pay them. Don't waste time when a loved one is stuck in a detention center. Take action today.

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