A Guide to Immigration Bond Payment Options

May 02, 2022

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Are you looking for options when it comes to your bail bond payment? Any individual charged with a non-serious crime usually qualifies for bail. There are 7 different choices for bail bonds to fit the needs of many people.

Being knowledgeable about bond payment options can help you or your loved one be released from a detention center more quickly. Read ahead to learn all about the variety of bonds, including immigration bail bonds. 

Choosing an Immigration Bond Payment

When it comes to posting bail, there are seven different bond options. The most common bond options are, cash bonds, surety, personal, and property bonds. 

A cash bail bond is a bail bond paid fully in cash. People utilize this option because it is straightforward and most accessible. Surety Bonds, given through immigration bond companies cost roughly 10% of the total bail. Property Bonds are helpful if you own a house or a car. This type of bond uses any owned property as collateral for the bond.

 A Citation Release bond refers to a citation that did not result in an arrest, however, the Recognized Release bond is typically advised by the arresting officer. Lastly, Federal Bail bonds, used for federal offenses and immigration bail bonds, are only available for offenses committed by immigrants. 

Is An Immigration Bond Right For You?

 An immigration bond is a bail bond payment to release your loved one from an immigration detention center. There are two ways in which they can be eligible for a bond.

The ICE immigration officers may determine the eligibility and amount of the bond. Each case is determined based on the information provided. The results vary depending on who the person is and any criminal history with the law. 

Using an immigration bail bond, means you guarantee to show up for all required immigration court dates. You will continue to attend meetings and obey the law until the legal process has been finalized.

Occasionally, individuals are not granted a bond amount. If the detainee is denied a bond amount, they can request a bond hearing that takes place before an immigration judge.

At the hearing, the detainee would have a chance to explain their situation. The judge would make the final decision to grant their release and set the bail bond amount. After immigration bail is paid and posted, you will be able to leave the detention facility. 

Immigration Bond Types

There are two types of immigration bonds available. A delivery bond and a voluntary departure bond. These types of bonds are available to any person who is not considered a threat to others.

A delivery bond is when you receive an arrest warrant and a notice of custody conditions. The release is granted after receiving both of these items. This allows the individual to spend time with family until their court hearing.

A voluntary departure bond is when the person pays their bond amount and leaves the country voluntarily for a specified amount of time. Once the bond is paid in full, it is refundable once they have departed the country. Failure to leave as agreed upon will result in forfeiting the refund and potential legal action.

Contact A Bond Professional

If you or someone you love is in need of a bail bond payment, but you are having trouble deciding which is the right choice for you, contact us today! 

Choosing the right type of bond for your release will help you later. Learn how we can help you make the right decision and call to set up a consultation appointment today.

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