3 Reasons Why You Might Need an Immigration Bond

July 06, 2023

Action Immigration

There are approximately 35,000 immigrants in detention centers across the United States. More than 65 percent of them have no criminal record.

Fortunately, many of these detainees are eligible for an immigration bond. These are very similar to bail set in traditional criminal cases but with their own set of qualifying criteria. Understanding these standards is the first step to determining eligibility.

Below are three reasons why you might need an immigration bond. Keep reading to find out if these situations apply to you or your loved one.

1. When You Are Eligible

There are two main ways that detained persons can become eligible for an immigration bond. The first is if an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent determines that you are. ICE bonds are intended to make sure that the released immigrant shows up for their hearing, so an ICE agent might examine things like whether you are a flight risk.

If an ICE agent declines to set a bond for a detainee, there is a second option. You can request an immigration bond hearing, where a judge will weigh the circumstances to determine eligibility. If the judge decides in your favor, a bond amount will be set.

2. When You Intend to Leave the Country

If you have been detained but wish to return to your home country, you may be eligible for an immigration bond. This falls under a category known as "voluntary departure." You must be able to do so at your own expense and within a certain period.

Keep in mind that this is not a viable short-term solution if your ultimate goal is to immigrate to the United States. For instance, terms of voluntary departure may include being barred from reentering the country for up to 10 years. Doing so could incur more serious penalties than you currently face.

3. When You Cannot Afford Full Bail

Federal bonds are usually at least $1,500, though in most cases, Immigration bail bonds will fall between $5,000 and $15,000. Many families do not have those types of resources readily available. The good news is that there are many reputable immigration bond companies that can assist.

Much like with traditional types of bail, these entities will put up the full bond amount. This sum is kept by the court system if you do not show up for your hearing, so they often require you to put up some collateral to ensure compliance.

Many people do not realize that this can be cash or other types of personal property or real estate. A reputable agency will be upfront with you about these options, as well as the parameters of the agreement and what you can expect from the bond process.

Find Immigration Bond Services Near You

Now that you understand the main circumstances where you might need an immigration bond, you can take steps to ensure the release of your loved one. With the right information and assistance, you can successfully secure an immigration bail bond.

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